Jergens Softening Vanilla 496ml/4

  • INDULGE IN DEEPLY NOURISHED SKIN - Locks in long-lasting hydration with the moisturizing power of proven essential ingredients for deeply nourished skin
  • BEAUTIFULLY SOFT, SILKY SMOOTH SKIN - Relieves dryness and replenishes moisture for beautifully soft, silky smooth skin
  • 24 HOUR, OIL-INFUSED MOISTURE - Hydrates and softens skin with an oil-infused blend that moisturizes skin for 24 hours so you can use daily for beautifully soft skin
  • SWEET VANILLA FRAGRANCE - Indulgent aroma of vanilla essence with the power of essential ingredients for a comforting experience
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, FAST-ABSORBING LOTION - Lightweight formula that absorbs fast and restores your skin's deep luminosity without feeling heavy after applying

Best for: Dry skin

  • Harness the oil-infused formula for visibly soft and hydrated skin
  • Pamper your skin with long-lasting, moisture-rich hydration
  • Relax in the warm and comforting scent of Sweet Vanilla Essence

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