Cantu SATIN SCARF Deco Pattern /36


Protect your curls from day to night with Cantu’s Satin Scarf. With a simple design, our satin scarf isn’t just for nighttime wear. Tie creatively to enhance your daily look, and keep your hair protected and healthy all day long. The Satin Scarf’s breathable fabric is gentle on your hair’s edges, prevents breakage, and helps your hair retain moisture with each wear. The extra-large design covers longer, fuller hair without harming or damaging the curls. Unfold the possibilities for both style and sleep! To use, wrap the Cantu Satin Scarf around hair to preserve styles overnight and retain moisture. For a fashion-forward head wrap, tie around hair and knot in the back or on the crown. For best results, twist hair in sections with Cantu’s Leave-In Conditioning Cream. Cover with Cantu's Satin Scarf to protect hair overnight or throughout your day.

  • Extra-gentle breathable fabric prevents breakage and retains moisture
  • Wear for daily styling or while sleeping
  • Extra large scarf covers hair of all lengths (17" wide by 58" long)
  • Great for protective styling
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