Attack ZERO Ultra Concentrated Detergent TOP LOAD REFILL 900g


Attack Zero, an innovative ultra concentrated laundry detergent that will revolutionize your washing habits, helping you achieve ultimate hygienic clean laundry.

  • Advanced formulation zero in to remove even stubborn micro-stains while preventing future stains from adhering to fabric fibers – perfect for stains on collars and cuffs.
  •  Restore whites and colour brilliance upon every wash – bid goodbye to dull-looking clothes; keep clothes looking good as new.
  • Anti-bacterial formulation.
  • Made in Japan with advanced R&D technology using plant-based ingredient (contains Bio-IOS).
  • Refill pack for specially designed dispenser bottle for convenient handling with no more spills or sticky detergent caps.
  • Suitable for indoor drying.


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